Monday, April 12

Is journalism in danger?

Like to many other profesions, Artificial Intelligence is menacing to journalim. There are news-writing robots that work alongside humans to create smarter content but in the near future robots will be able to take over every role in the sector.

As a networked society, software seems to get ready to supplement journalists and provide new solution for media companies. They probably can do a good job to maximize limited resources by automating processes,  providing a presence in multiple locations, even conducting data research, all  while cutting costs and increasing profit margin for media companies.It is amazing what levels of perfectionism tech-scientists are reaching but as well as a huge achievement it seems it will bring the loss of a whole profession.

The thing is, where those profits come from? Readers? No job, no client, no income, no benefits. That`s a chain.

After the pandemic, with many jobs lost in the way, what the world needs is the creation of new enterprises and jobs to recover at least the pre-pandemic economic state but the path we follow could bring more jobs loss, more poverty and more inequality.

Microsoft on top

Microsoft offices

It is not a surprise that a giant tech company like Microsoft invests in AI. What it is a real surprise is that such a Company with great benefits (Microsoft had a net income in last year of $10.8 billion, an increase of 22%) can cut dozens of jobs between journalists and editorial staff replacing them with AI software.

Employees were told Microsoft’s decision to end the contract with PA Media at short notice. Now the ones to decide which stories to display and how they are presented on MSN will be AI algorithms.


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